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So, what's coming up then...

27th: National AIDS Day Collection

4th: Speed-dating by Sexpression

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Welcome to Sexpression!

Before, we go any further, let us make absolutely one thing clear - we love biscuits. However, we understand that biscuits aren't very important in the big scheme of things (for example, mini chocolate bars might suffice as an alternative, or perhaps a bag of sweets). What we think is important is a good standard of sex education. We're not going around telling everyone that they should be abstinant for the rest of their lives. We just want people to take care of themselves. We want them to have fun, but be safe at the same time.

And we're thinking that as you're reading this, you probably believe the same thing too.

Please be aware that this is still a work in progress, and that some areas of the site are still under construction, so don't be upset if some bits haven't been finished yet. We'll get round to it, we promise. Just remember to wear your hard-hat at all times when looking around this building site.

Sexpression's Mission

Sexpression is an independent student initiative, not affiliated to any religious or political cause. Its values are:

  • Creating opportunities to discuss sexual matters in an open, non-judgemental environment
  • Promoting individual self-esteem and empowerment
  • Encourgaing respect for personal beliefs and values
  • Facilitating informed decision making and autonomy regarding sex
  • Ensuring that young people have the skills to access sources of confidential advice

The organisation consists of projects based in universities around the UK, designed with the loacal community is involved. It is non-profit making and run on an entirely voluntary basis. This is the UEA branch of Sexpression - if you'd like to check out the national sexpression website (the hub of it all), then go along to www.sexpression.co.uk (or click the link).

Latest News

29 October 2005
Look, Look! We have a new website. OK, it's not the best around, but it does the job. So, there's no animation, no sound or music, nor a flash intro. But maybe one day, eh?

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